Interior accessories: taking concrete indoors.

Concrete used to be just an outdoor thing.

People thought of it as cold and boring. Many might still believe that concrete isn’t a natural fit in most homes.
But as it turns out, concrete is neither one of those!

And there are so many ways to make concrete cool these days.

Have you seen a colorful concrete?

Grey or in color – both options look amazing!
A grey concrete accessory adds a beautiful accent to your interior, while a colored piece brings special vibes and might be a stand out feature.

Stay classy with a grey choice or go funky with some color!😎

Kolo|ring Design is taking concrete indoors! In many designs and different color pallets.

Check out our Kolo|ring e-shop to see all the available pieces and get inspired for customized orders.

Yours concretely,

Kolo|ring team